Both our donors and the beneficiaries of their generosity have stories to share.

Read their stories below:



I chose to put my Martha’s Vineyard, Mass., property into a charitable remainder trust for Peddie because I believe the best hope for the future of America is honest, independent education. Gradually, the five-hour trip to our Martha’s Vineyard home became more arduous and the island a lot more crowded.


Peddie graduates and philanthropists (their four-year old nonprofit, Lala & Mimi’s Pajama Project, collects and donates pajamas to local children in need) Lauren ’23 and Mackenzie Multari ’23 are about to embark on a new chapter of their lives. But first, they look back in thanks to Stuart A. ’67 & Patricia A. Bishop, whose fund gave them life-changing Peddie experiences.

DID YOU KNOW? with Timothy H. Starkey ’96

The recently passed Legacy IRA Act offers donors a NEW, exciting opportunity to support Peddie and receive additional income.


Along with giving him an outstanding education, Tyler Cusumano ’23, beneficiary of the Anthony F. Romano ’52 Scholarship Fund and the Gailyn and Linda Larsen Endowed Scholarship Fund, credits Peddie for skills that will prove valuable when he becomes one of his generation’s leaders.


When the One Peddie campaign started, I was excited and motivated. And that feeling of wanting to help Peddie in the most generous way possible was shared by Mitch, my husband.

CHARLIE ASCHER ’52 (1933–2021)

In August, the Peddie community was saddened to hear of the passing of Charlie Ascher ’52.


A force in the classroom as well as in athletics, Nyjah Smarr ’22 is a recipient of The Maurice and Eleanor Shuman Scholarship Fund.

JOHN and KAY GARTNER P’82 ’84 ’88 GP’08 ’10

“Education is really important in my family; my grandfather instilled it in us,” said Kay Gartner. “He said it’s something no one can take away from you.”


The William T. Wolf ’39 and Cornelia W. Wolf Scholarship Fund was designed to give bright, exciting students access to a Peddie education. Katie Yonan ’21 is the first recipient, a living testament of the Wolfs’ vision. 

Alfred P. DiCenso ’52

Alfred DiCenso ’52 found out he was going to be attending Peddie the way most students did at the time. “One day, my dad said, ‘get packed, you’re going to Peddie!’” laughs DiCenso. “The next thing I knew, I was there.”

Bill Merizon ’52

When it was decided that Bill Merizon ’52 was to attend Peddie, he was not thrilled.

Charles W. Ballance ’57

At Peddie, he was a campus tour guide in the Gold Key Society, member of the football and swim teams and sang in Choir and Glee Club. Charlie remembers his friendship in Trask Hall with classmate and current Trustee Emeritus Mike Armellino ’57, whose 20 years of service to Peddie was inspiring to him.

Dr. Fernando Milanes ’53

Although Dr. Fernando Milanes ’53 has not been back to campus since graduation, his one year at Peddie left a lasting impression. Now, 65 years after graduating, he has joined the Bell Society to help honor a decades-old good deed that changed his life.

Dr. Richard Hollingworth ’48

Richard P. Hollingworth, Ph.D. ’48 began at Peddie in 1946. Originally from the Trenton area, Hollingsworth came to Peddie with an open mind and desire to try new things. He immediately bonded with Peddie faculty members Lloyd Ogden, Ozzie Rand ’40, Herb Mariboe and Lucian Waddell.

Martin A. Battestin ’48

The late professor Martin C. Battestin ’48 was incredibly active at Peddie. He was academically gifted, a scholarship student, class president, member of gold key, football player, baseball captain and school monitor.

James E. Braunworth ’45

In 2007, James E. Braunworth ’45 reached out to Peddie to inquire about long-term financial contributions that could benefit himself and his beloved institution. After learning that Peddie can make fixed payments for his lifetime, he converted his charitable bequest into an eight percent charitable gift annuity.

Dr. Robert E. Hyatt ’43

Dr. Robert E. Hyatt ’43 was born on the Peddie campus, in Coleman House, into a family of educators. The pulmonary specialist is the son of the late Leslie Hyatt, who taught math and coached baseball and football at Peddie from 1918 to 1928 even as he fought tuberculosis.

Geoffrey ’73 & Barbara Moses

Class Gift Planning Chair Geoffrey H. Moses ’73 grew up in his father's Burlington Hotel in the heart of Washington, D.C. He remembers observing annual visits from Peddie political science classes.

Brian Grossman ’04

Brian Grossman ’04 is the epitome of a young Peddie alumnus. As an active class agent, Bell Society member and member of the Peddie Leadership Council, Brian brings his pride and love of Peddie with him wherever he goes.

James E. Braunworth ’45

James E. Braunworth ’45 first advanced a bequest intention into a charitable gift annuity in 2007. He realized the value – to both himself and Peddie – so much that he has since established two other gift annuities, naming himself as beneficiary and each of his daughters as consecutive beneficiaries – a 65th birthday present to each of them.

Jennifer Prostoff ’11

A lot stands out to Jennifer Prostoff ’11 from her time at Peddie, but it was a quote from former English teacher Patrick Clements that she’s never forgotten.

Mark Gartner ’84 P’08 ’10

Alumnus, faculty member, former parent and Bell Society member Mark Gartner ’84 P’08 ’10 shares his love for Peddie, his decision to give back and his hopes for the future of his gift.

Peter Dorsen, M.D. ’62

In February 2016, avid skier and psychiatrist Peter Dorsen, M.D. ’62 revised his will to include a gift for Peddie. As the newest member of the Bell Society, the former member of the Dartmouth cross-country ski team reflected on the gift arrangement for Peddie in his will.

Everett J. Higbee ’35

Of particular importance to Everett J. Higbee ’35 was the growth of the general endowment at Peddie School. Everett was a class secretary and often marveled at the greatly expanded curriculum upon his return to campus.

Frederick A. Rager, Jr. ’44

Frederick A. Rager, Jr. ’44 left Peddie one of the largest bequests in the school's history. Fred, whose family fled Austria before World War II, was greatly influenced at Peddie by Headmaster Dr. Wilbour Saunders and English teacher William Burke.

Kurt Loesch ’43

Hailing from Long Island, the late Kurt Loesch ’43 entered Peddie in 1941 as a junior. With a passion for community service, Kurt immediately volunteered at the Hightstown YMCA as well as with the school's Stamp Club and PTA. After graduation, Kurt served in the U.S. Army before entering Colgate University.

Peter S. Westine ’58

The late Peter S. Westine ’58 came to Peddie as a junior and immediately found himself thriving. After winning the Rensselaer Award for Excellence in Math and Science and graduating cum laude in 1958, Peter attended Swarthmore College where he met his wife, Patricia.

Anthony F. Romano ’52

Anthony F. Romano ’52 came to his 60th Peddie reunion as a new Bell Society member.


Joanne Neiderhoffer AS’53 remembers how much her late husband, Harold, loved Peddie.


Three classes will celebrate 50th reunions on Reunion Weekend, June 3—4, and all three will be establishing individual endowed scholarships in honor of this special milestone.